Baguio Bay Carpark
Ricky Lee


This spacious, decaying, abandoned carpark is not hidden in some remote villages. It is oddly located at the bottom level of the multi-storey carpark of Upper Baguio Bay, which can be conveniently accessed from a nearby bus station. No one parks their car there, which I can’t really figure out why. Instead you would find green moss on the car ramps and graffiti on the walls. Broken drain pipes discharge rain water onto the ground, making it a reflective surface. Facing west, the evening sun casts soft and diffuse lights into the space, making it an otherworldly beautiful place for photography.



4 Responses to 碧瑤灣停車場

  1. avatar May 說道:

    有創意,相片拍來很有荒涼的氣氛,是第幾座及第幾層的car park?我所知有三層停車場(地面+地下兩層),你是否在地下第三層拍呢?所以完全無人泊車?怎樣去?我也有興趣到拍照,請指教,謝!

  2. avatar HimHim 說道:

    I am very interested to know HOW to get down to the 3rd underground level of the parking lot too – since there are so lack of car parks for owners / residents to pack their cars here but in fact there is one more floor of parking! We pay so much for maintainance and it is no acceptable to have the 2008 Black Rain that ruin Mr. Lai’s Porsche etc … In fact, i have 2 cars and one is a Porsche as well; I have been calling up 999 for help several times because of people purposedly damage the car (s). Lousy management at Baguio Villa.



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